The XTRAGPS monitoring system offers a large selection of maps of Canada and the world, such as GOOGLE MAPS, OPENSTREET and YANDEX.

XTRA GPS Detailed Maps

Last-mile tracking
The map selection is made on the home page and allows you to choose the most convenient platform for tracking your vehicles.

XTRAGPS Map Selection

Individual tracking window and traffic jams
If you want to track an object individually, you can open it in a separate window, this feature allows you to move the multi-object screen to different screens and track the object without interrupting your work. The traffic function will help route the object and shorten the time to get your shipment from point A to point B.

XTRA GPS Individual Windows

Displaying the address in your report
Address display in the report will help you to view reports and recognize the location of the start and end of the route. There is no need to constantly log in to the server to view the route of the object, just configure the report with the specified parameters and receive a report with detailed information about the route, maximum speed and additional parameters of the tracked object.

XTRA GPS Address in Reports

Creating geofences will allow you to set up a notification system which will alarm you when an object arrives to a certain area or when a certain object leaves a certain zone. This scenario can be configured both for a specific object and for a group.

XTRAGPS Geofencing