Mileage and engine hours often serve as baseline parameters for assessing how actively a vehicle is used. In companies, these parameters are used to calculate wages or compensation for the use of a personal vehicle and fuel costs. The XTRAGPS monitoring system provides detailed and accurate information on both parameters. Also, motor hours are often used in companies that rent out professional equipment for construction companies. In this case, the company is not able to do scheduled maintenance because it can't calculate the hours of the equipment. With XTRAGPS the counter is activated at every start-up and calculates and signals to the operator how many hours have been worked and how many are left for service.

XTRA GPS Mileage and Engine Hours

Mileage for a selected period
XTRAGPS has a "GPS odometer" function. It allows you to accurately determine the distance traveled. Based on this information, our system displays the mileage for any period of time. If necessary, you can specify the work schedule - days of the week and working hours, taking into account which mileage report will be made.

Engine hours for the selected period
Information about the duration of the motor vehicle engine operation is based on fixing the exact time of engine start and cutoff. Most often this is done by the "ACC" signal, but it is also possible to use special sensors for engine operation. Also, XTRAGPS allows you to connect additional triggers, which can be displayed in the report. (For example, by connecting a sensor to the tow truck in the report you can get the exact number of cars evacuated during a certain period of time).

XTRAGPS Engine Hours for Selected Period