Real-time object tracking is performed from a computer or mobile device. For tracking, you just need to log in on the Web page of our server or install the software on your phone. XTRAGPS programs are available for both ANDROID and APPLE devices.

Realtime XTRAGPS Tracking


Locating an object by GPS/GLONASS Satellite navigation systems show the speed of the device, the route and, in case of additional equipment, the sensors that have been connected to the central device. You can also view the movement history and equipment parameters for the last 3 months.

 XTRA GPS Location an Objects

Saving the route in internal memory when GSM is lost
If the GSM signal is lost, the equipment recognizes the loss of communication
with the server and starts recording all the device parameters to the internal
memory, and when the connection is restored, it unloads everything stored to the
server. In this case, the route passed in the blind areas of communication is fully
displayed on the server without any losses.


Information from the sensors
All sensor information is located on the main page of the XTRAGPS server.
Temperature, engine speed, door sensors as well as the odometer. You can set up automated processes that will be activated by certain triggers. For example, when the temperature drops below -10 degrees, to conduct an auto-start of the engine unit and shut down after warming up.
XTRA GPS Sensor InformationXTRAGPS Sersor Information



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