Trip history is stored for up to 3 months. At any moment you can display the trip on the map or make a trip report over a certain period of time.

XTRA GPS Trip History

Trip list
The route for the selected period is divided into trips, separated by stops. At the same time the following is specified for each trip:

  • Address, date and time of its start
  • Address, date and time of its end
  • Total distance and duration
  • Average speed

The system allows you to display a list of trips for different periods or simultaneously for several selected surveillance objects (for example, several tracked objects). If necessary, you can configure the stop time for a more detailed report on the trip of vehicles.


Detailed information on the trip sections
By clicking on any point of the trip, you can get additional information about the traffic parameters on this section, such as speed, time and mileage since the start of the movement.

XTRA GPS Detailed Information

Trip reports
An analytical report allows you to get summarized information in the form of tables. Reports can be made in PDF or HTML format.

XTRAGPS Trip Reports