Vehicle tracking : Fleet GPS tracking that is unrivaled in the industry. The All-In-One System is compatible with any vehicle. Aid in the optimization of productivity, the verification of service delivery, the enforcement of company policies, the tracking of inefficient idling, and the prevention of unauthorized vehicle use.

Vessel Monitoring: Provide prompt customer service based on real-time fleet visibility. Know where your vehicles are so you can efficiently deploy your resources and find the shortest routes. Access up-to-the-minute status information to avoid unnecessary delays and complete more jobs per day.

ATM Network Monitoring: The temperature sensor at the ATM site measures the ambient temperature and ensures that the air conditioning is self-regulating.
Control lighting devices automatically. Devices are turned on and off based on the intensity of ambient lighting, a preset schedule, or the presence of a customer at the site. Constant monitoring of multiple power sources to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency. Monitor the backup power supply and receive immediate notifications of critical incidents. Real-time display of parameters such as battery level, health, and charging cycle stage.

Industrial equipment control : Secure edge connectivity transforms your data into actionable
insight, transforming overall equipment efficiency while enabling remote management and system improvement. Quick setup, quick changeover, and simple maintenance and diagnostics will help you achieve new levels of efficiency and flexibility – while avoiding unexpected downtime. i.e
● Keep track of time usages
● Service engine to prevent overuse/damage